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Acoustic quality is decisive

Open-space office, coworking space, meeting area, lounge area, quiet room, multimedia room, web-conferencing room… The design of workspaces are becoming more diverse and differentiated. Also the trend towards smooth and reverberant materials is unbroken. Concrete, glass and parquet sustainably influence the room acoustics. These building materials reflect and amplify the sound and lead to an unpleasant reverberation of work spaces.

This leads to the paradoxical situation where the architecture within a finished building contributes to increase the sound level instead of reducing it. This disturbs communication, interfere the creative exchange of ideas and affect concentration of the employees. The acoustic quality of the environment has a negative impact on the working productivity.

The stronger an activity has requirements concerning to memory and attention the greater is the susceptibility compared with the noise impact.  The person makes a great effort – mostly unconsciously – to eliminate the disturbing sounds from his consciousness. This causes amongst others early fatigue, lack of concentration and  head aches. This can be successfully countered by a sound-absorbing  equipment for ceilings and walls, partitions and room-dividers.

Together with you or your architect , Silentrooms will we create a functional acoustic room concept for you that fulfils all the criteria. In complete silence.

Silentrooms sound absorber – safe, attractive and practical

Silentrooms offers you non-combustible sound absorbers with textile covering which are functional, aesthetically appealing and versatile in application.

The fillings of the light  modules are produced of glass-fibre fabrics  (zero fire load; A2 acc. DIN 4102, T.1), certified and approved with a proof of usability (ABZ). Glass-fibre fabrics are particularly environment-friendly, absolutely non-toxic and completely recyclable: highest quality, made in Germany.  Furthermore they show an excellent acoustic efficiency in tests of sound technology (with official evidence).

Because of inorganic fillings which are free of mineral wool they have a low permeability to humidity and can also be used for example in swimming pools, ice stadiums or similar facilities.

Also the acoustic pillows, used for placing on suspended ceiling components or as fillings behind wall coverings, are free of mineral wool and therefore particularly environment-friendly.

Textile covering and filling from inorganic material do not allow mould growth. Air quality guaranteed.

The extensive range of colours and different surface structures of the fabric covers as well as the possibility to individual printing of the covering material allow great deal of creative freedom. Silentrooms sound absorbers present exclusive and decorative solutions with there elegant visual appearance.

All the advantages
at a glance

sound absorbers with textile appearance

non-combustible acc. DIN 4102-A2 and DIN EN 13501-1

without any chemical additives


fully recyclable

WHO-fibre free

impact resistance acc. DIN 18032-3

high sound absorption

effective reduction of reverberation time

low weight

wide range of colors and facings

custom-made production at no extra cost

high processing quality

as acoustic images individually printable

unlimited field of applications

easy fixing

decorative elements

made in Germany

Silentrooms offers quiet solutions for noisy rooms

Sound absorbers for different room situations and requirements.

AcousticMIKADO – object for the room
Varioline- our newest product for wall and ceiling
Varioline-for wall and ceiling
Spaceline - Communication in space
SoundBlock - object for the room
SilentBox! - Privacy in Open Office

You need an individual

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We will be pleased to advise you.

Sound absorbers with an unlimited field of application

The areas of application for sound absorbers are as many as their designs. You will not only find Silentrooms sound absorbers in office spaces but also in entrance halls/foyers, schools and kindergartens, ceremonials and theatre halls, conference rooms, auditoriums, cafeterias, restaurants, call centres, gyms, swimming halls, bowling alley, offices, lab and production rooms, showrooms, museums and hotel rooms to private living areas.

Additional acoustic improvement

For improvement of the acoustics in existing contexts various possibilities are given. Besides constructional more elaborate measures like complete acoustic ceilings and walls, quick and therefore more cost-effective solutions regarding the use of sound-absorbing elements are often implemented.

Due to the low weight of the elements they are ideal for upgrading and improving existing acoustics.

With minimum assembly and on site adjustment

No complex static proof calculations are required. Mounting can be done with only little effort during opening hours and when rooms are in use. Particularly for the renovation of existing buildings, but also for extraordinary geometries of architecture the modules can be easily adapted to the local conditions. Besides wall and ceiling panels silentrooms offers different variations of free-standing partitions.

Silentrooms sound absorber and acoustic absorber are available in different designs for all areas of application. Here you can get more details about the product series:

Well combined to a perfect solution

In combination of different elements with the same visual optics you can react to the sophisticated acoustic demands while remaining faithful to your design concept.

The following module can be combined for an individual solultion:

wall panelling/panel element

wall panel

ceiling panel

ceiling cloud

baffle /partition

workplace absorber


Silentrooms sound absorber and acoustic absorber are available in different designs.

wall and ceiling

You can achieve high sound-absorption values in rooms with a low proportion of walls by the usage of ceiling panels, ceiling clouds and acoustic sails from Silentrooms. Different shapes, sizes and colours allow a wide freedom of interior design.

Suspended horizontally or vertically

The ceiling elements and sound absorbers are mounted directly to the ceiling; the acoustic clouds and ceiling clouds can be suspended horizontally with cables or mounted from wall to wall with cable systems. Two-sided textile covered baffles can be suspended vertically from the ceiling and used in larger dimensions as sound absorbing partitions – with and without frames. Systems in different designs are also available for closed acoustic ceilings. Ceiling elements for the use in existing modular dimensions are deliverable by silentrooms in many colours. Using different absorber materials you can determine the sound absorption effect. The panels, baffles, ceiling clouds and absorbers are available in non-combustible and flame retardant designs. further information about acoustic absorbers can be obtained upon request.

cooling ceiling

Resulting from the increased use of for example cooling ceilings, there are often problems finding fixing points for mounting on the ceiling. through sound absorbing wall panels and wall coverings – also in combination with all other absorbers – you can achieve high absorption values and therefore reduce the reverberation time in a room. The wall panels are easy to mount, can to be mounted magnetically and of course removable.

Ready to use or custom-made

Silentrooms wall panels offer a variety of opportunities because of various colour variations and dimensions. System variants are available for different requirements. All absorber elements can be manufactured to your desired measurements without  a surcharge.

Silentrooms wall coverings are produced accurate to size and enable an uniform textile appearance.

According to your wishes our individually designed acoustic images are printed with your own logo or a picture. Therefore  you will set accents to the rooms or present your company in the foyer and conference area. A large selection of visual motifs is available in our picture database.

Silentrooms stands for service

From analysis on the room planning to realisation: Together with you or your architect, Silentrooms will we create a solutions for you and assists  you in project planning. Upon request we carry out acoustic measurements in difficult room situations. We would be pleased to provide sample panels and original fabric pattern on request.

on-site consultation

acoustic calculation and room acoustics

planing also in collaboration with the architect

integration of requirements of preservation orders in historic buildings

positioning of the elements in consideration of the the architectural design

acoustic measurements before-and-after acc. DIN EN ISO 3382-2 and DIN 18041

repositioning of the acoustic elements because of changed requirements

Silentrooms Icons